Pemphigus tartareus

Family: Aphididae | Genus: Pemphigus
Detachable: integral
Color: yellow, green
Season: Summer
Walls: slit
Location: petiole, leaf midrib
Possible Range:i
Common Name(s):
missing image of Pemphigus tartareus

Four new pemphigids from Colorado (Aphidae: Homoptera)

Pemphigus juncti-sensoriatus n. sp.

Host, Populus deltoides.

The Gall. A more or less globular gall located at the base of the leaf composed of leaf blade and petiole. That part consisting of leaf blade is somewhat oval, very much thickened, and more or less convex. The leaf margins can be traced along the edges of this thickened portion for some distance. The greater part of the gall is composed of a very much widened, thickened and twisted portion of the petiole. The opening is long, passing more than half way around the gall. The mouth is loosely closed and lacks the small, round orifice found in the galls of Pemphigus populi-caulis.

Taxonomy.-This species is close to populi-caulis but differs from it in having the greater part of the gall composed of petiole instead of leaf blade as in the latter and in having many of the secondary antennal sensoria of the fundatrigenia coalescent.

- Asa Maxson: (1934) Four new pemphigids from Colorado (Aphidae: Homoptera)©

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