About Us

Gallformers is the product of curious amateurs becoming obsessed. If you are here then you too have at least been touched, if not bitten, by the gall bug. It grows in you, but it is not a parasite nor an inquiline.

While you are here we hope that we can help you both ID an unknown plant gall as well as to learn about galls. Whether your interests are very casual, you are a burgeoning scientist, or even a full-fledged cecidiologist we strive to provide useful tools.

This site is open source and you can view the all of the code/data and if so inclined even open a pull request on GitHub.

Current Site Stats:

As of Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:56:26 GMT there are:
  • 1956 gallformers across 57 familes and 230 genera, of which 640 are undescribed
  • 1117 hosts across 112 familes and 341 genera
  • 340 sources
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